How is your company different from other leading caterers in the industry?

  • The richness of experience possessed by our catering service makes it to stand apart from other caterers in the industry.
  • Unlike other caterers, we do not delegate the work of supervision to the staff. The Owners themselves would be present at the scene of work to ensure the event takes place in a smooth and perfect manner.
  • All items will be served in good measure and fulfilling manner to all the guests. The tsunami episode stands as a classic example for our crisis management skills.
  • We are driven by values and not money and hence we undertake the bottom line responsibility to make the occasion grandeur.

Handling Multi weddings

How would you handle if there is more than one wedding order to be catered on a single day?

We have a team of experienced people working for us . This core team will be put in charge of the places where the event is taking place. Above all, the work will be under constant supervision of Mr. M.Karthikeyan, the Director and Mr.K.Mohan, the founder. Maximum of three orders will be taken on a single day.

Methodology and Approach

How to book an order for an occasion to avail your services?

We undertake orders for minimum number of 150 people and above. Once initial enquiry has been made over phone or email by the customer, we would fix up an appointment with them to meet at a place convenient to both of us. We feel marriages and other functions are more close to customer’s heart unlike corporate operations, so we ensure that we meet them in person to understand & build trust as this is more effective than telephonic or online conversations.

Is it possible for a customer to make their own menu or make changes in your menus?

Standard menu is available as a menu list in our website. Customers also has the privilege to select their own menu in online mode itself. This has been one of the key feature of our website. Home -> select create your menu tab -> Select category from list -> select your items -> click on Send mail button


How do you ensure that the food prepared is tasty and also hot till the last serving during the function?

Majorly we bring our own Brass utensils for cooking purpose in addition to the existing stainless steel vessels provided by the halls to ensure that the food taste good and the food prepared are kept in hot boxes boxes of 10 litres to 50 litres capacity to ensure that the food remains hot for long period of time and preserved in a hygienic manner.

How will you ensure that the food would be supplied on time in case of Outdoor catering?

We undertake orders for minimum number of 150 people and above. We would choose the place of cooking either in Triplicane or Arumbakkam based on the delivery area as we have kitchen set up in these two areas. We transport the food in closed hot boxes using our own mode of transportation in order to avoid delays. Transportation will be additional cost.

How much do you charge per plate or leaf?

It cannot be defined outright. Cost can be determined considering various factors such as the work location (marriage hall), Number of guests, Menus etc.

Services offered

What are all the services offered by your company for an occasion?

We undertake catering orders for all sort of happy occasion, 100% vegetarian food would be provided with high quality. We have two marriage halls in Chennai, one is a fully centralized air conditioned hall with capacity of more than 600 called New GG Mahal at Arumbakkam and the other is Ramanuja Koodam (A/C hall) at Triplicane.

Our Main services includes

  • Mangala Vadiyam
  • High quality Meals / Tiffin varieties / Filter coffee, Tea
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Seer Bhatchanam
  • Vaithiga Samangal
  • Photo & Video coverage
  • Thamboola Pai

All the above the services can be offered as a package. The costing will be done based on the workplace, number of people and type of menu chosen.

Additonal services that can be provided upon request includes

  • Exclusive Hot beverages stall
  • Kasi Yatra samangal for Brahmin wedding
  • candid photography
  • Engagement fruits, Nuts plates
  • Aarti thattu for Tamil wedding
  • Brindavan decoration at the entrance

Crisis Management

How will you ensure food supply for all the guests if the numbers are more than expected?

We always prepare food in excess to ensure that there is no insufficiency or shortages during the course of function. If the excess food produced is served to more than the expected guests then separate charges would be applied.

Excess food management

In case there is low guests turn out due to unforeseen circumstances, how will the excess food be managed?

With Subject to the permission of the customers, we distribute the excess food produced to the orphanages (kakkum karangal), or to the needy people around the market area and temple premises

Cleaniness and Hygiene

How do you ensure cleanliness of the kitchen you work in as different mandapams have different types of kitchen?

  • Even though the duty of handing over a clean kitchen is the responsibility of mandapam, we ensure from our side that kitchen is cleanly swept by our workers and the floor of the kitchen is washed with hot water to remove all dirt and oil stains.
  • The utensils provided by the mandapam would be washed and sterilized with hot water.
  • In addition to it all the suppliers in the dining area are provided with white uniforms, head caps and hand glove.


What is your company‘s contribution towards creation of an eco friendly environment ?

Biodegradable and recyclable products are being used for the functions. We avoid the use of plastics to the maximum possible extent. We encourage our customers to go eco friendly way and upon their request we use products made out of thermocol, paper, sugarcane waste, bamboo sticks and wood for serving purposes in their occasions. We have an effective waste separation and management system in place to segregate the degradable waste such as banana leaves and paper products from the non degradable waste.

Value Added Services

Do you do wedding planning?

We have DUM DUM DUM wedding planning company, which masters in wedding planning activity like organizing a wedding or any occasions in a resort etc.

Do you cater only in Tamilnadu or you extend your services to other states as well?

Majority of our works in Tamilnadu, upon request we can perform outside subject to additional logistic & transportation charges

Make Your Occasion Extra Special with us!